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Huasu Showed Outstandingly at the 11th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo

On April 9th, the 2023 ESIE came to a successful conclusion in Beijing Shougang Exhibition & Convention Center. The conference opened 6 exhibition halls, set up a series of activities such as product launch, theme forums, and expert speeches.

2023 ESIE

Huasu solutions attracted wide attention, business partners and professional visitors communicated with us about the products showed on the booth. Our BMS has the advantages of high efficiency, reliability, safety and other aspects, which is suitable for multi-scenario application of ESS.


April 8th, we held a product launch of HL-CBS industrial and commercial lithium battery BMS.HL-CBS adopts 2+1 architecture, providing integrated system solutions for data acquisition, data analysis, logic processing and data mapping, which can provide overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overtemperature and short circuit protection for the battery pack, real-time detection of battery safety status, fault diagnosis, early warning, and accurate estimation of SOC/SOH to ensure the efficient, reliable and safe operation of the ESS.

ESIE 2023

In the afternoon, Xu Tiancai, R&D director of Huasu, delivered a speech with the theme of "Analysis of BMS Thermal Management Technology for Huasu ESS". In the speech, the company focused on the multi-dimensional factors such as system shipments and BMS technology in the domestic market, emphasized the importance of BMS, and demonstrated our efforts and achievements in high safety, long life, low cost and high service by combining specific products.

During the three-day exhibition, Huasu gathered together with the industry leaders to hear the voice of the industry frontier and discuss the development trend of ESS. In the future, we will continue to deeply cultivate the market, serve customers with R&D innovation and product upgrading, and accelerate the goal of the country reach carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.