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Huasu Technology Successfully Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange!

On 9th March , 2023, Hangzhou Huasu Technology Co., Ltd. is officially listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock abbreviation: Huasu Technology. Stock code: 301157 . Huasu leaders ring the listing bell together, and all Huasu employees witness this moment together!

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Huasu Technology, as the first professional BMS enterprise successfully listed, founded in 2005, is an innovative high-tech company focusing on battery safety monitoring and operation management platform. Green transformation of energy is a key support for China to realize the "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals". Huasu has successfully realized the two-wheel drive of lithium electricity and lead acid industry, we have stored energy battery BMS, back-up battery BMS and power battery BMS, and independently developed the battery security monitoring and management cloud analysis platform. Huasu provides one-stop solutions including monitoring hardware, system software, cloud platform and technical services.

Huasu has a battery security monitoring and operation management platform and battery security management system, among which the high-end data center market share exceeds 70%, successfully escorting Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, ByteDance (TIKTOK), Microsoft, CISCO and other Internet giants to build more secure data centers. Huasu BMS covers more than 100 subway lines and 8,000 stations around the world, our products are deeply involved in the eight longitudinal and eight horizontal railway networks to guarantee the transportation safety of more than 70 high-speed rail lines. Meanwhile, Huasu is deeply engaged in the energy storage industry, providing energy storage battery energy control management and security protection for users such as CGN, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and China Tower, ensuring national energy security, and assisting the safe operation of Sinopec, CNOOC, Zhejiang Petrochemical and other enterprises.

With the success of Huasu listing, we will stay true to original intention and strive to upgrade and innovate in the field of Made in China. With its leading technological advantages and profound experience, Huasu will continue to make technological innovation in the field of battery safety operation management. With eyes on both domestic and international markets, we will strive to become the world-class enterprise with global competitiveness!