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Huasu Battery Monitoring System is Applied to The Century Internet M6 Data Center

Century Internet M6 Data Center

HUASU Battery Monitoring System is Applied to the Century Internet M6 Data Center!


Founded in 1996, Century Internet is a globally influential provider of cyberspace infrastructure innovation services and the largest telecommunications neutral Internet infrastructure service provider in China. Century Internet M6 Data Center is located in the Jiuxianqiao area of Beijing with a total construction area of 11,694 square meters. It is the first batch of green data centers in China.

Battery Monitoring System Makes Data Center Better

In 2017, Hangzhou Huasu provided H3G-TA battery monitoring system for Beijing Century Internet M5 data center, and centralized monitoring and management of UPS power in the project room.

The battery monitoring system enables the person in charge of the data center to know the running status of each computer room in real time, and discover and eliminate the hidden dangers of safe operation in time.

The Century Internet M6 Data Center

Stability Because of Security, Trust Because of Stability

Because of the good practical operation of the M5 data center, Century Internet once again chose Hangzhou Huasu in the key infrastructure monitoring options of the computer room. This is not only based on the trust of Hangzhou Huasu products, but also the recognition of Hangzhou Huasu products.

Huasu Battery Monitoring System

Hangzhou Huasu provided H3G-TA battery safety monitoring solution for this project, which was monitored online 24 hours a day, and the performance-degraded battery was found at any time, which provided a safe and stable operation platform for the computer room. The low-power design inherits the green and energy-saving concept of the data center, effectively reducing the operating cost of the computer room.