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Huasu Attended the Data Centre World Singapore 2019 Exhibition

The Data Centre World Singapore 2019 Exhibition

HUASU Attended the Data Centre World Singapore 2019 Exhibition!

Data Centre World is the most professional international big data, cloud technology, cloud security, data centre equipment and smart Internet trade fair in Asia.

From October 9th to October 10th, 2019, Hangzhou Huasu International Business Team brought high-end battery monitoring products to the DCW Data Centre World in Singapore.

HUASU BMS Show at the DCW Exhibition

As a well-known battery monitoring system supplier, Hangzhou Huasu and the world's top brands have a grand international event! With excellent product quality, perfect service system and good customer reputation.

HUASU BMS Show at the DCW Exhibition

Due to the high standard demand for backup power in the data centre, more and more industry experts are paying more attention to the battery safety monitoring system. During the two-day exhibition, our booth attracted customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States and other countries to visit and exchange.

Battery Online Monitoring System

H3G-TA battery online monitoring system is the industry's leading battery monitoring product. All our battery monitoring solutions come complete with battery management software that allows all real-time battery monitoring systems to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via remote computer(s). It is easy to install, maintain and access. All products are certified as follows: ROHS, UL, CE.

Through this exhibition, Hangzhou Huasu shared more information with all customers, and the brand awareness in the battery safety monitoring market has been greatly improved. In the future, we will be more active in expanding data centre-related projects and services, and look forward to greater development and breakthroughs in the data centre.