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Growing Demand for the Portable Energy Storage Power Supply

Under the negative influence of the epidemic on the whole society, the development of most cross-border e-commerce has declined slightly, nevertheless, portable energy storage power supply emerges in such a trend.

Portable energy storage products can get rid of the limitations of traditional wires and venues and provide power anytime, anywhere. Although the Chinese portable energy storage power industry started relatively late, after years of development and accumulation, the domestic portable energy storage power industry has formed a huge market scale. Recently, China has become a large portable energy storage power producer and exporter in the world. There is data showing that China accounts for more than 90% of the shipment of portable energy storage power sources, with the United States and Japan ranking second and third.

At present, there are two main application directions for portable energy storage products, one is outdoor activities, and the other is emergency power generation. Outdoor activities include outdoor tourism, camping, sports, etc., and the audience is quite large, especially in those developed countries, where the penetration rate of outdoor activities is quite high. As an indispensable item for outdoor activities, portable energy storage products naturally have a vast space for development. Emergency power generation corresponds to the frequent occurrence of disasters caused by force majeure factors around the world in recent years. For example, recently, due to abnormally high temperatures, power shortages, or frequent earthquakes, a huge demand for portable energy storage has been generated.

With the development of e-commerce platforms, the global sales channels of portable energy storage power sources have gradually shifted from offline to online. In the future, with the acceleration of global intelligence, the penetration rate of portable energy storage products will continue to increase.

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