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Large-scale Energy Storage BMS​, Active Equalization

After the launch of the HL-BS large-scale energy storage product, Huasu has been getting attention from various clients. The BMS of large-scale energy storage has always been one of the most important products of Huasu. After a long time of effort by Huasu technical teams, the HL-BS two-way active equalization product is available!

BMU Module

BMU Module

Support 24-channel cell passive equalization.

Q: What is the "bidirectional active equalization" technique?

A: “Bidirectional active equalization” is a technique that can transfer energy from the high-energy battery to the low-energy battery. If we regard the battery as a wooden barrel, a series of batteries can be seen as planks. The low-energy battery is the short plank, the high-energy battery is the long plank, this technique can be understood as drawing on others’ strong points to offset one’s weaknesses. The advantages of the “bidirectional active equalization” techniques are high efficiency and high energy. The whole system will remain at an equilibrium state, the more equalizing current, the more efficient and faster of balance current.

(1) Four advantages

1. Bidirectional transfer

When adjacent or interphase batteries are not equal in power, the active balancing module can realize the charging/discharging of adjacent batteries and bidirectional power transfer.

2. Complete Coverage

All single cells in the battery pack can be transferred through the active balance module, and at the same time, the balance of 1/2 channels in the battery pack can be turned on.

3. Constant Current Equalization

During the single-channel bidirectional active equalization process, the charge/discharge current is constant at ±2.5A.

4. Triple cut-off

Power supply, enabling, and fuse triple protection. When one single cell is in overvoltage, under-voltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, or overtemperature states, the active balance module will cut off to protect the whole system.

(2) Contrast


Other manufacturers



Current Equalization



Power supply

External power supply

Single-cell power supply

(it is less than 5uA when the current is not operating)

The number of

Equalizing Channels

1 Channel

12 Channels


Conversion Efficiency



Cut off point

Single cut-off

Triple cut-off

Protection program


Overcurrent/ Undercurrent/



Overcurrent/ Undercurrent

Overheat/Switch diagnostic /Chip diagnostic

(3) Effect

Active equalization is not enabledActive equalization is enabled
Active equalization is not enabledActive equalization is enabled