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BMS monitors and regulates the process and state of battery charging and discharging and continuously monitors battery status, including voltage, internal temperature, capacity, charging state, remaining operating time, power consumption, etc.

Gerchamp is an innovative high-tech company focusing on battery safety management and integrating R&D, production, sales and service. To provide stable and reliable battery safety management products and services to key power customers around the world. The main products cover backup battery BMS, energy storage battery BMS, power battery BMS and battery monitoring data platform, etc. We are committed to providing world-class full-lifecycle battery safety management solutions.


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Focused on BMS technology innovation and production for over 19 years.


We boast customers more than 56 countries and regions around the world.


BMS technology serving customers globally

Focused on BMS technology, Gerchamp offers advanced one-stop battery management solution with efficient and flexible services, simplifies the installation and maintenance process.
UPS & Data Center
Power Supply Reliability is crucial for data centers. BMS and UPS work closely to ensure and help customers build more secure data centers.
Communication base station backup power safety monitoring and guarantee.
Energy Storage
Gerchamp reduce the operating cost of energy storage power stations through effective management of batteries.
Gerchamp BMS is widely used in transport such as high-speed railway, metro and aiprport. Distributed BMS can remotely monitor the storage battery in real time to ensure power supply, communication, and signal systems etc.
Substation power outage will seriously affect production and life and may cause huge revenure loss, so it is critical to ensure the safety of substation backup battery.
Public Utilities
Gerchamp offers reliable and innovative battery monitoring solutions for public utilites like government, hospital, colleage & university, etc.
G-TH Battery Management System
G-TH Battery Management System is equipped with battery thermal runaway warning, high-accuracy SOC/SOH monitoring. It is mainly applied in data center, petroleum and petrochemical systems, and rail transit systems.
G-TH WL Wireless Battery Management System
G-TH WL wireless battery monitoring system adopts a new generation of ZigBee wireless communication technology, it is mainly applied in public utility, communication base stations, substations, etc.
G-BS for ESS
G-BS energy storage lithium battery management system adopts 3 + 1 level structure, supports a maximum of 1500V energy storage system.
G-BP Back-up Lithium Battery BMS
G-BP backup lithium battery BMS is tailor-made for data center, providing real-time detection of battery safety status, fault diagnosis and early warning, to ensure safe and stable backup power system.
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