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Creative Thinking in BMS Thermal Management Solutions

The high-profile event of photovoltaic and energy storage industry, SNEC concluded successfully in Shanghai on May 26th. The exhibition scale reached a record high, with various new products launch and activities. Huasu Technology as well featured at the SNIEC.

Huasu awarded the "Excellent Award for Energy Storage Technology".

Excellent Award for Energy Storage Technology

We adhere to innovation and breakthrough in BMS field all along. And our capability on the liquid cooling BMS thermal management is demonstrated by this award.

Creative Thinking

BMS acts asthe brain of the lithium battery pack is , which monitors the state of the battery pack and ensures the normal operation by collecting vital parameters. When the Li-ion battery pack is abnormal during operation, it controls the negative electrode to power off to avoid excessive loss and prolong the service life.

Solar Leaders Interview

It collects voltage, current, temperature and so on, above all,  the internal resistance is the one of the key factor. At present,less suppliers focus on internal resistance detection in energy storage BMS R&D, however,  we have been a step ahead in monitoring the data, and we plan to continue increasing the R&D efforts in this area, to promote the rapid formation of high safety, long life ESS.