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Huasu Awarded the ''2023 Best ESS BMS Supplier in China''

May 24-26, Huasu attended THE 13th CHINA INTERNATIONAL ENERGY STORAGE CONFERENCE (CIES2023), together with many industry partners.

(4th from left is the representative of Huasu)

(4th from left is the representative of Huasu)

With the theme of "Promote the construction of new energy system and high-quality industrial development", the conference shared sustainable development policies, ESS integration technologies, commercial models, new products and solutions etc.

New Energy System and High-Quality Industrial Development

As an ever-changing field, energy storage is booming and highly competitive. So far, there are more than 80,000 relevant registered enterprises nationwide. By 2025, the scale of upstream and downstream industries may reach 1-1.2 trillion yuan; By 2030, the scale is expected to reach 2-3 trillion yuan. We have always been deeply engaged in the fields of power, C&I, communication, household and so on, to provide more secure and efficient BMS solutions for global customers.

2023 Best Ess Bms Supplier

At the conference, Xu Tiancai, CTO of Huasu Research Institute, delivered a speech with the theme of "Vitality Analysis of BMS", deeply analyzed the close relationship between BMS and battery SOH, and shared the practical application of our products in major projects. He pointed out that BMS determines whether thermal runaway occurs in the battery by monitoring vital factors such as internal resistance and temperature.

Huasu BMS key strengths:

1. Multichannel bidirectional active equalization

2. Fault recording and data storage

3. Online uploading program upgrade

4. Multiple types of high precision current sensor access

5. Rapid insulation detection and fault point locating technology

Huasu BMS key strengths

Huasu is constantly expanding different application scenarios. In future, we will offer more safe, reliable and efficient BMS solutions to ESS market, and assist the industry to become a strong support for energy transformation.