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Huasu HL-C48 Lithium Battery Monitoring Solution!

Huasu Hl-C48 Lithium Battery Monitoring Solution

On March 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website issued the "Notice on Promoting Accelerated Development", requesting to accelerate the progress of a new network construction, increase base station site resource support, strengthen power and frequency guarantees, and promote network sharing and inter-network roaming.

HL-C48 is a lithium battery management system specially designed for the new communication base station and energy storage industry. With high accuracy SOC and SOH monitoring, intelligent online battery balancing, operating parameters and alarm threshold settings, local data storage, charge and discharge management, low-power design and other functions, it has been widely used in new base stations.

01. High stable performance

HL-C48 applies Huasu's patented technologies and unique SOC algorithm design, which can effectively cut off the circuit and protect the cells from damage when the voltage, current and temperature exceed the limit of the whole string short circuit and reverse connection. When the battery is charging or floating, the HL-C48 uses intelligent online cell balancing technology to effectively balance the energy difference of different cells to achieve the maximum storage capacity of the whole string, which can more accurately predict the effective loading time of the battery.

02. High cost performance

Innovative internal architecture design, continuous technical innovation verification, while achieving higher system reliability, the perfect combination of high stability and low cost.

03. Application

HL-C48 is not only suitable for new base stations, it can also be applied to 16-string lithium battery communication backup power supply, home energy storage systems and other energy storage systems. With its low cost and high stability performance, it is highly recognized by customers.