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How to Correctly Buy Outdoor Portable Power Station?

The purchase of an outdoor power supply mainly looks at two points: one is to see the capacity of the power supply (Wh watt hours), and the other is to see the power of the power supply (W watts). The capacity of the power supply determines the available power duration. The larger the capacity, the more sufficient the power supply and the longer the service time. The power of the power supply determines the types of appliances that can be used. For example, if the rated power of an outdoor power supply is 1800W, it can drive appliances below 1800W. It can also be combined with this formula to calculate the service time of the appliance under the different capacities of the power supply.

Outdoor Power Use Scenario

Now we have a certain understanding of the power supply capacity, power. Next, we can choose according to the number of users, the use of appliances, and the use of the scene. The scenarios of using outdoor power can be generally divided into two types: recreational camping/self-driving travel, whose characteristics and requirements are summarized as follows:

Recreational Camping

Camping players for about 1-2 days, camping scene is the weekend about three or five friends camping. Expected electrical equipment: mobile phone, speaker, projector, camera, Switch, electric fan, etc. Keywords: short distance, leisure, entertainment. Because the camping time is short (two days and one night), the electricity demand is not strong, and only part of the entertainment can be satisfied, so it is recommended to buy a small capacity power supply.

Recreational camping players recommended is Hao Rui RIVER 600 series, as an entry series of its characteristics: small size, fast charging, power enough. The maximum power can reach 600W, and the charging port is also sincere, up to 9 devices can be charged at the same time.

Road Trip

Choose self-drive travel for the power supply weight is not too harsh, more concerned about the power supply capacity/power. Compared with recreational camping, self-driving travel time is more abundant, and the use scenario is more abundant, including car refrigerators, rice cookers, electric blankets, hot kettles, computers, projectors, drones, cameras, and other high-power electrical appliances. Keywords: large capacity, large power.

Electricity Safety Of Portable Power Station

In addition to outdoor electricity, the safety of outdoor power supply also deserves our attention. When we go camping, a lot of times we store the power in the car. Is there a safety risk?

Take, for example, the Zhenghao 1300 outdoor power supply I'm using. The power storage temperature ranges from -10° to 45°C (20° to 30°C is optimal). The temperature in the car is kept at around 26°C while the vehicle is moving. When parking, the built-in battery management system of the power supply comes with high-temperature protection, low-temperature protection, over protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over current protection, and battery fault protection eight-fold safety protection. At the same time, with the power display screen, you can see the operation status of the outdoor power supply. Can further ensure our electric installation. At the same time, the body of the aluminum alloy shell of the power supply has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and high insulation, which can better avoid the occurrence of leakage accidents. It can be said that with the dual protection of hardware and software, the safety of the outdoor power supply has an absolute guarantee. Of course, it is recommended that you put the power supply back indoors when you are not using it.