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Huasu IB-FM Smart Battery Management Solution

Huasu IB-FM Smart Battery

With the Internet of Things, mobile internet, big data and other information technologies increasingly affecting industrial development, the degree of intelligence has become the key to industrial products. With the increase of the load of computer room, intelligent management is also very urgent. In the process of data room management, the intelligent battery management system is particularly important.

HUASU Smart Battery Monitoring Solution

In this situation, Huasu R & D team has developed the "IB-FM Smart Battery Management Solution" after in-depth study of customer needs. The battery management system is embedded into the battery or camelback through special manufacturing process, which can achieve remote detection and automatic maintenance of battery basic parameters etc.

At the same time, the battery information is transmitted to the cloud platform in real time to obtain data information, and through big data analysis, diagnostic management reports are regularly generated to provide customers with new, convenient and fast operation and maintenance services, so as to realize the data, visualization and Internet of Things of battery management in computer rooms. 


  • Remote monitoring technology

  • Big data storage and analysis

  • Easy maintenance

  • Installation-free integrated design

  • Cost-effective

The installation of the whole system module is convenient, which not only greatly reduces the construction difficulty of the on-site monitoring module in the computer room, but also improves the speed and efficiency of the computer room layout, and reduces the construction and management costs for customers.