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Huasu Battery Monitoring System is Widely Used in Petrochemical Industry!

Huasu Battery Monitoring System is Widely Used in Petrochemical Industry

1. One of the seven national petrochemical industry bases

Lianyungang Petrochemical Industry Base is one of the seven major petrochemical industry bases in China. Based on the integration of oil refining, ethylene and aromatic hydrocarbons, a large-scale refining and chemical integration base with multi-product chains and multi-product clusters has been formed. Energy and raw material industrial bases for related industries and economic development in areas along the New Eurasian Continental Bridge.

2. Critical infrastructure needs Huasu BMS support

The particularity of the production process of petrochemical industry has extremely stringent requirements for the reliability of battery safety monitoring, and the lack of infrastructure monitoring may cause serious safety accidents of petrochemical devices.

3. HUASU BMS application

In the project, Lianyungang Petrochemical applied a large number of HUASU products—H3G-TA series battery monitoring system. In fact, HUASU BMS has been widely used in various projects in recent years. According to incomplete statistics, HUASU has provided nearly 1,000 sets of BMS for Lianyungang Petrochemical industry.