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Huasu Battery Monitoring System is Applied to A New Data Center

HUASU Battery Monitoring System is applied to Data Center

HUASU Battery Monitoring System is applied to Data Center!

Cloud Computing Data Center covers an area of 360 acres and consists of eight module buildings. It is the only data center in China that has passed the design and operation of dual 5A certification and green data center.

Cloud Computing Data Center

According to incomplete statistics, the failure of power supply infrastructure is the primary cause of unexpected downtime of data centers. Therefore, Cloud Data Center has put forward very high requirements for the monitoring products of basic equipment.

Huasu Battery Monitoring

As a long-term partner, Hangzhou Huasu has provided high-reliability and stable battery monitoring products for the data center with its advanced technical strength and perfect after-sales service capabilities as early as 2013.

Huasu H3G-TV Battery

The fourth phase of the computer room expansion and reconstruction project uses Huasu H3G-TV battery monitoring system. The product can query alarms and real-time data through the control module, which is convenient to install and maintain. It meets the diversified requirements of the Data Center and perfectly solves the problems encountered during the installation.