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Huasu Battery Monitoring System is Applied to Many Hospitals in China

HUASU Battery Monitoring System is Applied to Many Hospitals in China!

Huasu Battery Monitoring System

Recently, the COVID-19 has affected the whole of China. In order to win the the battle of epidemic prevention and control, a series of epidemic prevention and control emergency projects have been launched. These include the construction, reconstruction and expansion of temporary hospitals, and the reconstruction of existing hospitals and medical institutions.

In this complex epidemic situation, UPS and batteries are the last line of defense for hospital power supply. Their stable operation is especially critical.

As a well-known battery safety monitoring expert in the industry, Hangzhou Huasu has provided reliable battery safety guarantees for Hong Kong Children's Hospital, Tianjin Children's Hospital, Xiamen Fudan Hospital, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, Jilin Cancer Hospital etc. The stable performance and operation are highly praised by the hospitals.

Tianjin Children's Hospital

Hangzhou Huasu's H3G series battery monitoring products adopt advanced power consumption reduction technology, intelligent online battery balancing technology, and 24 hours continuous online monitoring. It can detect the deterioration of the UPS infrastructure in the hospital at any time, and alarm timely, excellent performance, stability and reliability .

At present, Huasu all staffs returned to work and are always ready to respond to the urgent needs of hospitals in various places at any time, sticking to the front line with medical workers across the country and fighting together.