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August 24-26 | Welcome to the 2022 IDC EXPO in Shanghai

The International Data Center Exhibition (IDC EXPO) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 24-26, 2022. As a high-level international exhibition in the Chinese data center field, the IDC EXPO is organized by the China Data Center Working Group (CDCC). 

Huasu has been invited to participate in IDC EXPO. We will sincerely invite every partner to join and visit Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 24 to 26, 2022. Exhibition booth No: N4-566. 

We will introduce part of the newest technology of Huasu BMS and display the latest company products at this exhibition. We will look forward to meeting you at the exhibition to discuss industry trends, and seek development in the future.

The Internet is inseparable from our daily lives. Data centers support the rapid development of the Internet and carry our lives. This year, IDC EXPO will focus on "carbon neutrality" and integrate into a "dual circulation" development pattern. It aims to promote the development of Chinese and foreign brands, accelerate the strategic layout of the market, and further promote exchanges and cooperation in data centers and various industries. As the important product display and technology exchange platform in the Chinese data center industry, hundreds of well-known enterprises in the industry will participate in this exhibition.

The International Data Center Exhibition (IDC EXPO)

Range of exhibition

1. ICT equipment system:

(1) IT facility solutions: servers, storage, and disk arrays, optical transceivers, databases, cabinets.

(2) Network communication system: switches and routers, optical modules, firewalls and gateways, network architecture, data management, backup, and network security systems.

2. Infrastructure:

(1) Power supply and distribution system

(2) Refrigeration and fresh air system

(3) Fire and security

(4) Data center management 

(5) Integrated wiring:

(6) Others

3. IDC operator:

Telecom operators, joint venture IDC, private IDC, cloud data center

4. Related services:

Planning consultation and design, engineering construction, completion acceptance, rating certification, infrastructure maintenance, IT services, and operation and maintenance.

5. Industrial application:

Cloud computing, big data, data center leasing.