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Empowering Renewable Futures: Gerchamp Leading Safety Innovations at Intersolar and EES

From June 19-21, the annual solar and energy storage summit, Intersolar and ees, grand opened in Munich, Germany. Gerchamp, a leading brand in battery management systems (BMS) technology, showcased solutions for ESS and C&I ESS battery safety management, bringing new perspectives to energy storage BMS for European users.


During the exhibition, Gerchamp, as a leading supplier in battery safety management, attracted numerous industry experts and players from full industry chain enterprises to discuss technological innovation and project applications etc.


On June 6, 2024, the European Central Bank held a monetary policy meeting at its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, deciding to reduce the eurozone's three key interest rates by 25 basis points. Given that centralized power station installations are more sensitive to interest rate factors, Europe's entry into an interest rate reduction phase has a significant impact on power station profitability, favoring energy storage solutions and potentially boosting demand for large-scale energy storage (ESS).


Germany, as Europe's largest energy storage market, continues to see increasing demand and application scenarios for energy storage. The G-BS energy storage battery safety management system provides users with "high safety, long lifespan, low cost and high-quality service."


It features a 3+1 product architecture; online transmission upgrade of BMS programs; bidirectional IO closed-loop automatic addressing and multi-interface dynamic environmental data access. It offers integrated solutions for data collection, analysis, logic processing, and data mapping systems. It provides protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, overheating, and short circuit for battery packs, real-time detection of battery safety status, fault diagnosis, early warning, precise estimation of SOC/SOH, ensuring efficient, reliable, and safe operation of energy storage systems.


Over the three days, we engaged in enthusiastic exchanges with participants from around the globe, deeply sharing our insights and understanding of energy storage safety, and received recognition and affirmation from everyone. We are delighted to have had heartfelt discussions with everyone, jointly building a new future of low-carbon, safe, and harmonious coexistence.


We look forward to meeting you again, see you next year!

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