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What are the Functions of a Battery Monitoring System?

What is the installation method of battery monitoring?

The communication power supply and computer room environment monitoring system (referred to as the environmental monitoring system) is a computer-controlled system that remotely measures, signals, adjusts, and controls various parameters of power equipment such as power cabinets, UPS, air conditioners, batteries, and various environmental parameters in computer rooms such as door magnets, infrared, window breakage, water immersion, temperature and humidity, smoke detection, and performs real-time monitoring of their operating parameters, diagnoses and handles faults, records and analyzes relevant data, and centrally monitors and maintains equipment.

The functions of battery monitoring system

1. Centralized monitoring function

Complete local centralized monitoring of various power equipment, environmental equipment, and security system operating parameters, status information, alarm information, control commands, and image information in computer rooms using digital virtual instruments to realistically simulate the environmental layout and operating conditions of each computer room. with the precise monitoring capabilities provided by cutting-edge battery management system manufacturers, users can enhance the efficiency, reliability, and continuity of their systems.

Realize cross-regional centralized monitoring and management of multiple computer rooms physically distributed throughout the country and fully support GIS electronic map functions.

Intelligent linkage function: Achieve fully automatic intelligent linkage control of logically related equipment or subsystems (such as cutting off power, opening access control, and the camera automatically recording the scene after a fire alarm).

2. Automatic alarm function

Real-time capturing of various alarms and providing multiple alarm methods such as sound, light, voice, telephone, SMS, and email to ensure the timeliness of the alarm.

Set alarm levels according to user needs and manage alarm information by level and group.

Accurately locate alarms distributed in different areas and on different equipment through the combination of intelligent images and voices.

3. Comprehensive management function

  • Unattended management: When a problem occurs, the battery condition monitoring system will automatically notify the operator through voice calls and duty phone calls, realizing unattended computer room management.

  • Remote management: Through remote clients or web browsers, you can easily view the operating status of various equipment and battery monitoring systems in each computer room, and remotely control them through authorization.

  • Operation log management: Automatically record operator, operation time, operation content, fault point, fault content, fault handling, time and other information, and inquire about these records under various conditions to provide complete system operation and maintenance logs for managers.

  • Authorization: Assign different operation permissions to users and manage them by function group to ensure the safety of the battery monitoring system.

4. Analysis and processing function

Provide real-time and historical curves to visually display the system operating status in graphical form.