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The Safe Operation of Each Telecommunications Room is Indispensable for the Support of Battery Safety Monitoring

The Safe Operation of Each Telecommunications Room Is Indispensable

H3G-TA Online Battery Monitoring System

H3G-TA Online Battery Monitoring System

1. 24-hour online monitoring

2. Online intelligent equalization technology

3. Monitoring cell voltage, current, internal resistance and cell temperature; string current and 1 point ambient temperature


- The highest certification for international information security management - ISO27001 (27th in China)

- China Telecom's first batch -- Diamond five-star AA-class computer room (first batch)

- China Telecom's first disaster backup service center

As an important telecommunications hub construction project, all aspects of the selection of manufacturers and battery monitoring products will definitely be considered and evaluated. The prerequisites for choosing Hangzhou Huasu are not only derived from long-term good cooperation, but also based on the trust of Hangzhou Huasu ability in the data center.

Battery Safety Monitoring

According to the project requirements, Hangzhou Huasu provides H3G-TA battery online monitoring system. The H3G-TA battery online monitoring system is a leading product widely used by customers in various industries.

The system supports MODBUS and SNMP protocols, and is easy to access to third-party monitoring systems. It can query alarms and real-time data, set parameters through the control module. The monitoring platform can be selected to achieve centralized network management.

The Support of Battery Safety Monitoring

Finally, in the acceptance test stage, Hangzhou Huasu successfully passed the strict acceptance, and all performance indicators have reached the expected effect of project construction.

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