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Huasu Battery Monitoring System Serves the Global Petrochemical Energy Industry

The Global Petrochemical Energy Industry

Petrochemical is an important part of the chemical industry. It plays a vital role in the development of the national economy and is also one of the pillar industries in China.

The petrochemical production is a typical industrial scene. A large number of process devices and precision instruments are deployed in the field. The devices have extremely high requirements for the reliability of power supply. At the same time, the operating conditions of the petrochemical production and processing process are harsh, involving large material risks, and requiring higher reliability and stronger performance battery safety monitoring to provide security for critical infrastructure.

Hengli Petrochemical - the Largest Refining and Chemical Industry in China

Hengli Petrochemical

Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian Changxing Island) Industrial Park's PTA production base will have an annual production capacity of 12 million tons. It is one of the PTA factories with the largest production capacity, the most advanced technology level and the most comprehensive supporting facilities.

In 2019, Hengli Petrochemical started to use HUASU battery monitoring products. Hangzhou Huasu has provided thousands of H3G-TA battery monitoring systems for them. The products have steadily operated in the project due to their excellent performance, which has won high praise from Hengli Petrochemical customers.

Yangzi Petrochemical - Advanced and Efficient Petrochemical Industry

Yangzi Petrochemical

Yangzi Petrochemical is located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. The company's main business is petroleum refining and production and sales of hydrocarbon derivatives. It is a state-controlled large petrochemical enterprise with 16.2 billion yuan in assets.

Since 2015, Yangzi Petrochemical has been using Huasu battery monitoring system. During the five years, Huasu has provided a stable power supply for its related core equipment, ensuring the smooth progress of the production and refining of petroleum and other resources.

China Petrochemical Research Center (Data Center)

China Petrochemical Research Center (Data Center)

China Petrochemical Research Center focuses on the development and application of petroleum refining technologies, focusing on the combination of oil and petrochemicals, as well as the development of related petrochemical technologies.

The computer room project of the China Petrochemical Research Center has stricter requirements on intelligent monitoring management and the expected judgment of the environmental temperature conditions of the computer room. Huasu intelligent monitoring system was selected to monitor 6588 battery cells.

In addition, Huasu products are widely used in various petrochemical industrial bases, like Heilongjiang Petrochemical, Jiujiang Petrochemical, Zhejiang Petrochemical, United Petrochemical, Dushanzi Petrochemical etc.