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What is BMS System Battery?

BMS battery system

The BMS battery system refers to the battery management system, which is the link between the battery and the user. Its primary target is secondary batteries to improve their utilization, prevent overcharging and over-discharging, and it can be used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, robots, drones, etc.

BMS also refers to a universal storage format for computer music and game files and the name of a new generation of telecommunication business management systems.

As a new generation of telecommunication business management systems, it shows powerful functions and superior performance in workflow management, comprehensive business management, order management, customer management, resource management, and all business functions of BMS are based on the advanced eBos platform.

Introduction of the battery BMS system's functions

Accurately estimate the battery's remaining power

Accurately estimating the battery's remaining power ensures that the battery stays within a reasonable range, preventing damage caused by overcharging or over-discharging and displaying the remaining energy of hybrid electric vehicle energy storage batteries at any time.

Dynamic monitoring

During battery charging and discharging, the end voltage and temperature, charging/discharging current, and total voltage of the battery pack in the electric vehicle's battery pack are collected in real-time to prevent overcharging or over-discharging of the battery.

At the same time, it can promptly provide the battery's condition, select problematic batteries, maintain the reliability and efficiency of the entire battery pack, and make it possible to implement the remaining battery estimation model.

In addition, it is also essential to establish the usage history of each battery to provide data for further optimizing and developing new types of batteries, chargers, electric motors, etc., and provide a basis for offline analysis of system faults.

Battery balancing

It refers to the equalization of single-cell battery charging, making all batteries in the battery pack reach a balanced state. Balancing technology is a key technology of the energy management system of batteries that are currently being developed and researched around the world.

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