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What are the Characteristics of a Technologically Advanced BMS Battery Management System Currently on the Market?

Advanced technology, stable and reliable products will be the core features of future BMS battery management system products, so what kind of products are advanced, stable and reliable products? We explain it from four dimensions: technology, function, quality, and standard specification.

Ⅰ. Advanced technology of BMS battery management system:

1. The enterprise masters the core algorithm of battery SOC;

2. Master the estimation of health status, the maximum allowable instantaneous (5s/30s) and continuous charge and discharge power estimation;

3. Master efficient equalization management technology, advanced heat dissipation mechanism, and can support a maximum passive equalization current of 200mA;

4. Master the industry's leading high-precision measurement technology, the total flow and total pressure accuracy can reach 0.5% FSR;

5. Optional multi-function data recorder, supporting cloud platform functions such as wireless transmission, large-capacity storage, and GPS;

6. Optional active equalization module, the maximum equalization current can reach 5A, and 24 strings of single boards can be flexibly selected;

Ⅱ. The safety function of BMS battery management system:

1. Battery safety management: with reliable overcharge/overdischarge protection, overcurrent/overtemperature/low temperature protection, and multi-level fault diagnosis protection;

2. High-voltage safety management: with high-voltage relay adhesion detection, high-voltage interlock detection with high anti-interference, advanced high-voltage insulation monitoring;

3. Possess the disconnection diagnosis function of the voltage and temperature acquisition line;

4. The battery voltage acquisition module has safety mechanisms such as circuit overcurrent and short circuit protection, and the circuit is more reliable;

5. With flexible configuration of 5~36 strings and 5~48 strings all-in-one machine, it is suitable for all kinds of mainstream solutions in the industry;

Ⅲ. Stable quality of BMS battery management system:

1. All components are selected from automotive grade components, with a high standard working temperature range of -40°C~85°C;

2. Wider and more reliable temperature monitoring, the monitoring range can reach -40~125℃;

Ⅳ. The BMS battery management system complies with the standard specifications:

1. Support charging standard;

2. Support the requirements of product functional safety lifecycle management in the ISO26262 international safety standard;

3. Support CCP calibration protocol, UDS, OBD-II diagnostic protocol.

In summary, the integrated intelligent BMS battery management system can not only protect the lithium battery from various abnormal conditions, but also accurately monitor the charging/discharging process of each battery cell, with accurate data and safety.

If there is no lithium battery management system BMS, the charging and discharging and service life of the battery will be greatly reduced.